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FixDAO is a community of users who were affected by the FTX saga. Join us in creating a safe space for the future of Web3


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After the fall of FTX, we have witnessed panic spreading throughout the Asian community. As mentioned by the first bankruptcy hearing of FTX, we represent a significant number among global customer distributions; however, we are underrepresented by means of either voice or legal support because of our mother tongue and jurisdiction distances. We are deeply troubled by the fact that our friends, family and the people we care about are so helpless, by the fact that thecommunity we belong to is so scattered, and by the fact that there are some law firms or groups whose motives are not clear are soliciting members of our community.

Although the crisis does not impact us as initiators, we would like to step forward for the community we love. We gathered a warship of elite law firms from Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and the USA, which are in the best position to help our community. As a community, we are going to form a DAO to stand up for our interests and be a strong and unified voice in the FTX legal proceedings and all other crypto-related legal, governmental or regulatory proceedings or activities where we believe our voices should be heard. We also welcome underrepresented victims from other regions of the world to join us. Together, we will be the strongest voice ever from the Web 3.0 community.

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